MAG 2016 Saturday night Chiprave performer #1: Note!!

Yes, that’s the MAG-veteran Note! in the picture. Yes, he’s wearing a horizontally striped v-neck with a small tuft of chest hair poking out of the top of it. Yes, he may’ve been hungover when this photo was taken, all the while wondering, “Why the hell is this person photographing me right now? Can’t they tell I’m hungover? Jesus.” Yes, this announcement is ridiculous. Just like all of Note!’s previous performances at MAG (M9, Chipspace, various "secret shows"), up to and including his upcoming performance kicking off the Saturday night chip rave. See how I brought it all back? I’m good like that yo.

Note!, the alias of Christophe Richard, explores lo-bit music in a style that can be best described as dive-bar-booty-pop-sweat-concussion. Note! has performed from New York to Montreal to Tokyo as well as co-founding Kick.Snare and lWlVl Festival in Brooklyn, NY. When asked about Note!'s music, his estranged ikebana sensei had this to say: "Pop bodol, lose your shoes and grab some AAs - that shit is ON POINTO."