Today’s addition to the increasingly sexcellent MAG 2016 chipartist roster is… Rekcahdam!!

#RealTalk: if you’ve been to MAGFest before, you’ve likely encountered Roger on some plane of existence. Whether backing up various performers on stage with some damn skillful drumming, wandering the floors in the midst of shenanigans, or crashing a room party with some delicious, delicious fried chicken, he’s there in force. However, what you haven’t likely seen him do is perform his own music. And that’s a real cryin’ shame, because the cool cat’s gotta hella talent beyond his drumming. Which is exactly why we’re fixing this for MAG 2016. You’re welcome in advance.

Roger Hicks, known by his stage name Rekcahdam, is a music producer, video game developer and programmer. His interest in music began when he was introduced to jazz at an early age by his father. Roger later picked up playing drums at age 7 for his church and later started programming, writing lyrics and producing his own music in high school. His numerous interests were reinforced during his undergraduate years while working on his first video game. From then on, Roger decided to fuse his interest in programming with that of his artistic passions. Roger went on to become a freelance game developer, sound engineer and program analyst, and has contributed to various acclaimed musical projects and video games. His work as a video game developer has resulted in his been featured in Kotaku, Destructoid, and PC Gamer Magazine and is currently working on his upcoming game “Band Saga,” as its lead designer and music composer. He has also performed with many acts such as Megaran, Disasterpeace and is a session drummer for the hit Cartoon Network television show “Steven Universe.” Roger continues to strive to excel in various fields and will receive every opportunity with his favored acknowledgment “,YO.”