Sammus is a producer, rapper, and retro game lover from Ithaca, NY or what she affectionately refers to as "the part of New York that isn't New York City."

She is known both for her video-game inspired beats and rhymes, as well as the massive chip she wears on her shoulder because people from outside of NY (and many NYC residents) do not seem to understand that there is more to NY state than the grimy social experiment gone awry known as NYC.
When she's not explaining where Ithaca, NY is on a map, Sammus is making music that centers her experiences as a retro gamer, lover of cartoons, and Black woman.

She has been called the “rap Aisha Tyler” (MTV Iggy) because of her smart lyrics that often draw on her love of games and cartoons. As her Metroid-inspired name reflects, it is her hope that listeners and future fans will be pleasantly surprised by the contrast between the person society says she should be as an artist and who she actually is.