MAG 2016 Saturday night Chiprave performer #3: Shirobon!!

Shirobon swam all the way from the UK to perform for you at his very first MAGFest. That’s how mighty he is. But his music is even mightier. His music of might can swim through space and even make groovy space aliens dance. Isn’t that something? Yes, it is something. Something indeed. Who cares, though, because YOU are the one who will be dancing to his jams at the Saturday night chip rave. Damn, you’re a lucky person.

Shirobon is an electronic musician from London, England. In 2006 Shirobon started making music using a Nintendo Game Boy and went on to release music and play shows using only the Game Boy. In 2009 he took some time out to discover the world of modern production and came back into the scene in 2013 with his crossover EP ‘Back Tracking’. Shirobon now plays shows around the world and runs his record label ‘Hyperwave’. Expect to hear some extreme party sounds and be ready for some serious fist pump!