Super Soul Bros

If anyone knows Dom, they'll also not be surprised to see this act on our roster.
He literally used every vote he had when we were picking bands on Super Soul Bros.
He was still voting for them even after we'd already picked them.
So what we're saying is they're really rad and you should go see them.

“Video game music, with soul.” The Super Soul Bros bring a dynamic fusion of funk, soul & jazz, and inject it into the nostalgic grooves of classic video game tunes. Formed in San Jose by keyboardist Robbie Benson, the Super Soul Bros have gained renown for their explosive musicianship & improvisation—comparable to cramming a 70’s Herbie Hancock record into an NES. Whether they’re taking requests on the fly, or the crowd’s busting into a full-on soul train, you know it’s always a party with the Super Soul Bros—one that could only receive the ESRB rating: FOR KIDS AND ADULTS.