The World is Square

The World is Square has been folk'n up your favorite Square/Enix fanfare for 5 years.

Hailing from Boston, they offer a unique arrangements of songs from classics like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. Their latest release boasts a more obscure catalog of covers from games like Bravely Default and Breath of Fire.
All party members (and, we mean PARTY) can duel-wield a ferocious folk attack with weapons like the mandolin, glockenspiel, banjo and more. They pack a lot of “potions” to power you up with jams ranging from the SNES to the Nintendo 3DS era.

Here's what people have to say about The World is Square:

  • "They look like a bunch of dangerous hippies."
  • "They're called The World is Warcraft and they ONLY cover Legend of Zelda music."
  • "Joe, I stole a beer. Here's a shitty slice of pizza."