By day, he’s business process engineer Emmanuel Aouad. When the corporate grind releases him, he is the suave master of the eighty-eighty corny pickup lines and our next nerdcore announcement: 1-UP!

An alumnus of Wabash College, Emmanuel studied economics with a minor in music. He puts this education to great use when he brings joy, jokes, and fun to any show he rocks – and with his homies in the NPC Collective (*cough Kadesh Flow and last year’s performers Mega Ran and Sammus cough*) he does PLENTY of rocking. With his unique mixture of video game references and samples, jazz, hip hop and academia, 1-UP is going to get you moving, laughing and having a great time!

Check out 1-UP rocking "Power Rangers" at this past year's Otakon!

Creative Mind Frame (AKA 1-UP) is a rapping, saxing, Power Ranger loving Nerdcore musician out of Dallas TX. He spends his days working as a Business Process Engineer, and his nights working on catchy, nostalgic ear tunes in an attempt to spread beaucoup smiles to the world! (Sometimes referred to as the Fresh Prince Of Nerdcore - You'll understand why eventually) On the weekends? The Con addiction occurs. From rapping about DBZ to Flame Of Recca at Otakon... to playing sax and keys to Sonic The Hedgehog classics at Denver Comic Con or even rapping about corny pick up lines at PAX, 1-UP focuses his energy and attention on making sure the crowd is having a great time and is getting to be part of the interaction. This is his 2nd Magfest so he's brought some friends along from the NPC Collective to help him on his quest. Teaming up with Sammus, EyeQ, Soultron, Kadesh Flow, Mega Ran and Doug Funnie, they will be sure to put on a good show. So make sure you come equipped with some call and response action, maybe a few corny pick up lines and your highest energy!!

PS - He loves giving out high fives.