Arc Impulse

Our next band has one critical advantage over most other VGM bands: A KEYTAR.

Okay, that and they're just generally all around awesomesauce.

Arc Impulse, a 5 piece synth-rock VGM act, have been featured on such compilations as 'Super VG Christmas Party' and the massive Chrono Trigger project 'Chronicles of Time'. They also like to completely melt faces live, which is their mission for Super MAG 2017. Driving down all the way from Chicago, they're definitely gonna bring down the house. Get ready for the gnarliest of times!

Psst... Arc Impulse... Please leave the chilly wind in Chicago. National Harbor gets cold enough as it is. #kthxbai

Hailing from Chicago, Arc Impulse brings video game music to life by infusing it with their special dose of energetic synth-rock. Equipped with a keytar, violin, keyboard, electric guitar, bass, and drums, they inject raw energy into music from games such as Goldeneye 007, Chrono Trigger, and The Legend of Zelda. Arc Impulse brings out waves of excitement and nostalgia in anyone who’s ever picked up a controller.