Awesome Force

What happens if you take an outer space obsessed nerd with a background in post-hardcore drumming who now specializes in making concert hall breaking chiptune dnb and feature them in the Super MAG 2017 Chiprave?

You get an awesome force. Or in this case the Awesome Force.

Experience his overwhelming dnb 8-bit power music late Saturday night this January.

Visualizations for Awesome Force performed by Dino.

Sean Baker has been writing and performing music under the name Awesome Force since 2008. Since then he has had the pleasure of performing all around the United States and Canada in various basements, dive bars, stages, and webstreams such as BRKfest, MAGfest 12, and Nuit Blanche in Toronto. With his pair of Game Boys and a laptop, Awesome Force has released two EPs, a full length album, and various singles.

Currently living in the high Arctic of northern Greenland, he is excited to return to sunlight, if only for a week, to take you on a high-speed journey through time, space, and drum and bass.