Corset Lore

Do you like chiptunes?
Do you like bleep-bloops?

Latest among our chiptune guests for Super MAG 2017 is Corset Lore, an LSDJ veteran from NYC who can also be found in the Philadelphia chiptune scene. While you may have encountered her at a MAGFest panel, we are hype to bring her to the main stage this year! Corset Lore has the perfect balance of precision crafting with calm, experimental licks to really get your juices going.

Visualizations for Corset Lore performed by NO CARRIER.

Corset Lore's experimental pop song constructions lie at the intersection of baroque style, exotic folklore, modernism, fantasy, science fiction and underground music of the late 20th century. She writes 8-bit compositions on a Game Boy DMG-01 and sings. Among others she has performed her music at the Hackers on Planet Earth conference, Brown University, Vector Festival, I/O chip music, Pulsewave, 8static Festival and PAX East. Her debut EP, 'Corset Lore' was released on the 8static imprint in 2013 and she appears on compilations for 8bitpeoples and Pxl-Win. Her upcoming release 'Graces and Furies' will drop in November of 2016 on 8bitpeoples with artwork by Raquel Meyers.