MAGFest really likes wild cards, especially when they're as ridiculously talented as EMAR.

In case you're wondering who in the world this EMAR is, imagine if you will for a moment a live electro-jazz trio lead by an exceptionally talented bassist named Evan Marien, who utilize occasional chipmusic backing tracks and perform compositions that sound like something from the coolest damn video game that you've never played.

If you need help imaging further, check out one of their latest YouTube videos below and enjoy the resulting sensation that will be your brain melting and pouring out of all of your head holes.

Visualizations for EMAR performed by Thresher.

EMAR plays live-electro jazz music led by Brooklyn composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Evan Marien. Primarily known for his playing on the electric bass, he has been featured in multiple publications such as Downbeat, Bass Guitar UK, Bass Player Magazine US, Bass Guitar Japan and many others. In 2009 he graduated from Berklee College of Music and soon after he was honored by the Bass Player Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards, voted as one of the top three Most Exciting New Players in the world.

Besides having a career as a solo artist, he has played or recorded with Elliot Moss, Virgil Donati, Justin Brown (Thundercat), Dana Hawkins, Louis Cole (Knower) , Zach Danziger (Mister Barrington), Mike Slott, and many many more.

As a freelance composer he's made music for AT&T, The Dallas Cowboys, IMAX, and amongst others.

Their music is often compared to game music like that from Sonic The Hedgehog, Mega Man and Final Fantasy.