Galaxy Tour Guides + Gem Fusion

You know what's great? Side projects. You know what's even better? Side projects that spawn off of successful collaborations. You already know Jared Dunn of The One Ups from their many funky, jazzy performances at MAGFest, and we're sure you remember LucioPRO performing his raps with them as well (see: this video from the MAGFest 2016). Throw in Travis Smith on drums and you get Galaxy Tour Guides, funkiest, spaciest, synth-iest hip hop trio EVAR.

But wait! This more! LucioPRO also joins up with the indie folk stylings of the duo Melody Pond to become Gem Fusion for all your Steven Universe music needs!

Seriously, this combo set is not to be missed!

Jared Dunn, Travis Smith, and LucioPro AKA The Galaxy Tour Guides are a nerdy trip through the cosmos. Blending Rock, Electronic, Funk, and Hip Hop into a psychedelic journey, these 3 dudes will fill your mind with win! Their travel companions Melody Pond meld with LucioPro to form Gem Fusion to bring you a special stage of Steven Universe tunes.