goto80 is one of the earliest chip music pioneers. He’s been working with tracker music for over 20 years and remains very active in the demoscene. His work with C64 and amiga is well known, but his live performance is where he truly shines. Bringing an infectious energy to his music, the Swedish legend will be a real treat to have on our stage at MAGFest!

Visualizations for goto80 performed by NO CARRIER.

Goto80 (Anders Carlsson) is a Swedish old media artist and researcher who works with music and text. His live shows are usally an explosion of genres, seamlessly mixing pop, acid, electro and punk together in his own particular 8-bit style. Catchy, noisy, funky and fearless. After his 1990's schooling in the demoscene hacker culture, he was one of the first to bring chip music to the stage around 2000. He has performed around the world and released thousands of songs for free download, on C64-cartridge, in cheese burgers, in the wall of the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, etcetera. As an artist he usually takes a critical look at how humans and computers interact, and has shown his work at Transmediale and Aars Electronica. In his Dataslav-project he creates music live, based on requests from the audience. When he makes ASCII graffiti he turns himself into a cursor who sprays text characters on walls.As a researcher he has published texts about chip music and the demoscene at Ashgate and Rhizome. Currently he studies collective retro archiving together with associate professor Jen Skeby, and writes books and papers about text graphics. Goto80 also curates t3xtm0de, an archive of text graphics, and blogs at Chipflip.