Makeup and Vanity Set

Makeup And Vanity Set are cool.

So damn cool that you've never seen them at MAGFest before.

But you will now if you're slick enough to attend the Saturday night Chiprave.

Maybe the coolness will even rub off on you and you'll be cool too.

(j/k None of us are cool. #CoolIsOverrated)

P.S. Go see MAVs or you suck.

Visualizations for MAVs performed by MAVs.

Makeup And Vanity Set makes fantasy arpeggio electro 8-bit music. Squelching melodies and pounding kick drums are sequenced on samplers and laptops with synthesizers and handclaps. He has spent the last eight years as part of a building electro scene in the south, touring and playing shows across the country. At shows he usually winds up rolling in the floor covered in liquids and sweat, wrapped in cables and screaming.

And he made those sweet jams from Stellar Jockey's independent game release, Brigador.

Also, he wears a ski mask.