Mikal kHill

Mikal kHill is our latest announcement and it’s like bringing another titan to the show. Like Schaffer the Darklord, he’s fresh off coverage in Uproxx for his funky roast of a certain Canadian game show host; not only did he rap but he showed off his skill as a multi-talented production wizard. kHill’s music is fun, mixing chiptunes, rock and roll and conscious rap with an unconventional lens to create a soulful and emotive happening.

And he’s bringing friends too! Partner-in-ThoughtCrime, lockpick enthusiast and wildman rapper Sulfur is gonna be playing bass in addition to Jessamine on keys and Andy on guitar. It’s well prepared to be an experience you don’t want to miss.

Check out Mikal kHill and Romero Shaw in the video for "Smash Bros" here:

Mikal kHill is a emcee, singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter & video game music composer from Charlotte, NC. Backed by fellow-ThoughtCriminal & emcee/bassist Sulfur, keyboardist Jessamine Thursday and guitarist Andy Weant, he manages to blend humor and crushingly sad personal material into a unique blend of hiphop, folk-punk and nerdcore.