nml styl

nml styl pioneered guitar driven chipmusic with innovative custom pedal designs (square wave distortion anyone?) and has composed incredible works on various chip mediums including LSDJ, Nanoloop, Famitracker and Genesis. Her long-awaited self titled album has just been released with many tracks that could only be heard live until now.

Catch nml styl with the live drum stylings of Rob Martino this Super MAGFest 2017! Expect to be amazed.

Visualizations for nml styl performed by Dino.

//* j03y styl, a.k.a nml styl [ pronounced "animal style" ] , is a hacker musician who is known for pioneering the 8bit guitar sound and for the nml styl project's many musical compositions, inventions, graphics and electronic modifications. _the 8bit foot controller has been viewed on youtube 89,000 times. _notable performances include: magfest, blip festival, dataport, pax east. _joey also won the open spark competition and had the song "dmg guitar" played through two 13 feet tall tesla coils. _along with being a musician, joey is an international visual artist and has had their work shown throughout Europe. _accompanying joey will be rob martino, a veteran of the philly jazz scene, on drums. *//