Richie Branson

Our last nerdcore announcement is a man who can claim mastery over both hip hop and video games. His work in the first arena resulted in his Chrono Trigger inspired album From Guardia with Love hitting the Billboard charts. His developments in the second combined with his unparalleled sense of social media and pop culture timing have driven him viral again and again this year alone. It’s the Savior of Toonami, the Red Prodigy and the Otaku King himself: Richie Branson!

With compositions commissioned by Marvel and other entertainment brands, Richie establishes ironclad musical credentials that his stage show backs up. With clever observations on life, a gift for wordplay, and the dedication to put in the hard work, he’s blown away stages all across the United States and NOW he’ll be making his MAGFest debut at Super MAGFest 2017!

Indie game designer, musician and creator of funny videos. Worked with brands like Marvel, Def Jam, and Adult Swim.