Schaffer the Darklord

If we’re gonna announce a nerdcore hip hop act, then it’s always great to start off with a bang and this one explodes with the force of an atom bomb! Hot off coverage from AV Club and Uproxx and live at Super MAGFest 2017 for the first time it’s New York City’s Schaffer the Darklord!

Heavy metal sensibilities meet impeccable showmanship when the Darklord takes the stage and his musical pedigree is of the highest standard. With an explosive and engaging stage show, STD makes a great addition to the pantheon of MAGFest performers. Whether you’re new to MAGFest, new to nerdcore or neither, Schaffer the Darklord is guaranteed to leave you impressed.

Schaffer the Darklord (or STD) is a New York City-based rapper and comedian with material best-suited for brainy and/or drug-addled audiences. With manic energy, verbose vocabulary and cartoonishly commanding stage presence, STD skewers such topics as hedonistic substance abuse, sexual compulsion, urban anxiety and obsessive cat-enthusiasts. Imagine a Frankenstein-esque monster assembled from equal parts Bill Hicks, Adam Yauch, Prince and Darth Vader, stitched together inside the shell of a maniacal heavy metal ex-patriot. STD has released five full-length albums (2004's "Meet My Maker," 2007's "Mark of the Beast," 2009's "Manslaughterer," 2012's "Junk Drawer" and 2013's "Sick Passenger"), toured the country with such artists as MC Chris, MC Frontalot, Mega Ran and MC Lars and made multiple appearances on the Science Channel television program "Oddities." When he's not on the road, he produces and co-hosts The Epic Piecast on the Nerdy Show Podcast Network. STD continues to write, record and perform with great frequency and has no intention of giving up until his masochist rock-n-roll lifestyle destroys him.