Crazy Composers Collective feat. Videri String Quartet

So we've paired composers with performers in the past, and it's turned out quite fantastically each and every time.

However, I'm preeeetty sure that we've never paired FOUR DIFFERENT COMPOSERS with one act and let them all go completely ham.

Welcome to Super MAGFest 2018, where our wonderful ridiculousness knows no bounds.

Don't miss the "Crazy Composers Collective", comprised of Alexander Brandon, Gareth Coker, Darren Korb, and Gordy Haab, backed up by the very talented and equally crazy Videri String Quartet (they'd have to be to pull this off!) Expect quite the fantastic mix of different selections from their various video game music discographies for this super duper showcase. Yet another "do not miss" among do not miss-es, only at Super MAG 2018!

Composers bios here.

Videri String Quartet:
Founded in 2012, the Videri String Quartet is a revolutionary ensemble dedicated to performing the music of video games. A pioneer in both the video game and classical music communities, Videri is committed to reinventing the string quartet experience for the modern listener. The quartet utilizes a unique hybrid of aural and visual narratives. Videri seeks to explore the ways in which video game music impacts its listeners, discover the parallels between traditional classical music and video game music, celebrate the dynamic link between music and storytelling, and to use video game music as a means of expression for children and young adults.

Videri is passionate about performing the music of video games. In their mission to promote video game music, Videri has performed across the country. In July 2012, Videri made its performance debut at the Rooster Teeth convention in Austin, Texas. Since then, notable performances have included the Boston Festival of Indie Games, IndieCade in Los Angeles, the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Pre-Concert Event at the Nintendo World Store in NYC, the Game Developers Conference and Game Audio Network Guild Awards in San Francisco, and the Showa Boston Institute. In summer 2015, Videri was chosen as a Fellowship Quartet for the Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music. There they were coached by the Apple Hill Director, Leonard Matczynski and performed a full length recital. Many audience members, upon hearing video game music for the first time, were amazed by its creativity and expressive power.