MAG 2016 chiptune visualist #2: jmr!!

While you’ve likely encountered Jeffrey Roberts aka jmr at MAG in some previous form (MEDIATRON MAGstaff &/or the chip side of Marshall Art perhaps?), you’ve yet to encounter him performing visual wizardry on main stage. And damn, with a bio pic like that it’s gotta be good, right? RIGHT.

See his visual performances when both coda & Shirobon take the stage.

jmr harnesses the power of long-unsupported software from the turn of the millennium to craft colorful graphics and animations. Coded in a language that heavily relies on all of that trigonometry you swore you'd never use outside of your high school math class, jmr's visuals are generated and rendered on the fly making every visual performance as unique and dynamic as the music it accompanies. Jeff is no stranger to MAGFest, having performed with his chiptune post rock group Marshall Art in previous years, however this will be his first time manning the huge projected screen of the MAGFest concert hall.