A veteran of the MAGFest stage, Dino Lionetti, is formerly the mastermind of the chipmusic and VGM pioneering band Chromelodeon, and currently the leader of psychedelic, prog-rock group Cheap Dinosaurs. Both bands have played MAGFest, but this will be the first time Dino has taken the reins as a visualist. Performances that you most definitely do not want to miss.

Performing visuals with D&D Sluggers, nml styl & Awesome Force.

Dino Lionetti, leader of the band Cheap Dinosaurs, creates their own computer graphics using custom software. Without a formal coding education Dino has taught them-self how to incorporate fractal geometry, symbols, and complex layer bleeding routines. Because of Dino's mastery of music improvisation, live interaction with the audio is one of the most important reasons for performance.