NO CARRIER is back this year at MAGFest! He made his debut at MAGFest 5 with Chromelodeon, rocking a dual Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) setup with his own custom software. Since then, he has played around the world from Tokyo to Rio to Melbourne. His live set has grown to include handmade and eurorack video synthesizers, and, more recently, his own realtime textmode VJ software. NO CARRIER will be bringing a mix of all of the above to this year's Fest, so look out for a colorful low resolution psychedelic experience when he hits the stage.

Performing visuals with Corset Lore & goto80.

Don Miller aka NO CARRIER is an artist and educator based in Gainesville, FL. Relevant hashtags include: #realtime #lowres #psychedelic #videosynth #NES #textmode #vibes