The newest addition to the MAGFest visualist crew, Thresher himself is visually impressive. Have you seen that ‘fro? So wait until you see what he puts on the friggin' screen! Don’t be surprised if he’s dancing around behind his midi controllers either. He simply can’t resist.

You shouldn't resist either. Dance along with him!

Performing visuals with EMAR & (T_T)b.

Thresher comes to the screen with a long list of knowledge, technical skills and a lengthy track record. Along with his two degrees in video production, Thresher has produced and co-produced several feature films and is currently a longstanding member in Boston's stagehand and film unions. He recently became Certified as a Barco Projectionist.

Since his first performances at MAGFest's Chipspace in 2016 Thresher has performed at PaxEast Jamspace, Northeast ComicCon, and smaller parties.