Yuu Miyake (三宅優)

Yuu Miyake was born on November 19th, 1973 in Matsuyama Ehime Prefecture of Japan.

In 1997, Miyake started working at NAMCO (currently known as BANDAI NAMCO GAMES INC.) on games such as the "Tekken" series and the "Ridge Racer" series.

Miyake is also the sound director and the main composer for the popular "Katamari Damacy" series. For this game, he carefully selected 10 vocalists from many different vocal genres including notable anime voice actors to JPop singers. The vocalists were specifically chosen based on the character and color of their voice. First, the songs were written, each in a lighthearted, silly nature that Miyake thought not only portrayed his image of the world of Katamari Damacy, but also so that a wide array of audiences could enjoy listening to, regardless of their age or background. After the songs were composed, the artist (designer) was chosen based off of how well he/she understood and interpreted the sound and lyrics of the songs. His unique approach and sound design techniques utilized in the creation of the soundtrack for this popular series have garnered great praise while the albums has received many awards internationally.

Jointly, Miyake also performs live under the name "Eutron." Alongside Towa Tei, Shinichi Osawa, Takeshi Nakatsuka and Taiji Sato, he runs this production that performs live, as well as giving lectures at conferences. After working on "Noby Noby Boy," Miyake turned to freelancing in 2011. Following one-year of convalescence, he continued to work on works from Bandai Namco Games as well as Square Enix and SEGA. Currently, in 2014, he is actively performing live and DJ-ing around Japan alongside his career in game music production. As a personal project, he is working on an album titled "Eutron" as well as teaching at Toyko Polytechnic University.