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Super MAG Chipspace Guidelines

How to perform at Chipspace:

  1. Find the sign-up sheet & sign-up!

  2. Hang around & wait for your name to be called. Once it is, bring it on up to the stage & DO IT TO IT.

  3. When your 10 minute time allotment has elapsed, grab your gear & step down from the stage gracefully/LIEK A BAWS/etc.

  4. Visit the Hug and High Five Brigade™ for various appreciations of your preference.


  • Thursday, Jan 3rd: 2pm - 11pm

  • Friday, Jan 4th: 12pm - 11pm

  • Saturday, Jan 5th: 2pm - 11pm

Other Relevant Info:

  • 10 minute set length (+/- a couple minutes setup time ). AND DONE. Wanna play more? Sign up for another set!

  • Plug-&-play only. Sorry, no convoluted setups. Gotta keep things a movin’ & a groovin’!

  • DON’T BE A JERK. Only good and cool folks allowed to hang at Chipspace. Be cool & you’re good.

  • Stay awhile and listen! Make new friends, dance around like a goof, jump up & down repeatedly, swing your hands from side to side, etc.