Over 200 arcade and pinball machines, all running on freeplay. Now you don't have to ask your mom for more quarters!


Arcade and pinball tournaments will be going on all weekend.

Free admission for bringing an arcade

Got an arcade cabinet that you'd like to bring to MAGFest? If you share your arcade with us, we'll give you free admission to the event!

More details on our Badge for a Cab page.



An amazing display of every classic computer you can ever remember, and many more that you never even knew existed.

Click for more detailed information.



Careful not to tilt!



We've got several starship bridges for you and your crew to command—check out Artemis and Starship Horizons! Not only that, but we've also got fully immersive mech battlepods.



Test your gaming might! Can you knock out Mike Tyson in one round? Can you get through Iggy's Castle without collecting any coins? Can you beat any single level in Surfer Surfer? Probably not, but we'd love to laugh at you while we watch you try. Every year we have a hundred new classic gaming challenges for people to conquer. Beat a challenge and win a prize! 

Indie Videogames

Come see one of the biggest displays of independent game studios in the world at the MAGFest Indie Video Game Showcase (MIVS)! Independent games are a thriving community where creativity and passion for the craft runs deep. MAGFest invites all independent game studios (or even just one person teams!) to show off their games, and invites all MAGFest attendees to play these amazing creations.

List of Indie Studios

MAGFest offers free exhibit space for indie game studio during all four days of our event. Check out the MIVS page to see the list of studios, or submit your own!!



We highly recommend bringing your own computer to fully enjoy the MAGFest LAN experience. There are public play PCs with limited availability. You need prior approval from LAN staff to participate in a tournament using a public play PC. 


Please pre-register your LAN items by filling out our online form (COMING SOON!) to zip through initial check-in. 

Bring an ethernet cable 20 feet long or longer. Network cables are $5 each while quantities last. If gaming on a laptop make sure it has a wired network port. USB network adapters are $15 each while quantities last. 

Don't forget your power strip. Bring headphones/mic/headset and leave your speakers at home. 


LAN Theater now has an exciting stage! Spectators must pass through the LAN checkpoint. 

Now with 50% more room, LAN can host 600+ BYOC stations and has 140+ Public Play seats, thanks to our continued conquest of the Maryland Ballroom. 


Big news this year on the Public PC front! We are excited to announce a partnership with Computer Upgrade King. They are providing 140+ gaming-grade PCs for any and all attendees to enjoy over the weekend. Rest assured that if you come to enjoy the Public Play PCs then you will achieve high frame rates this year! A huge thanks to our friends over at GEXCon for helping us manage the Public PC area. Upon passing the LAN checkpoint, you will see the Public PC area. The BYOC area is further back in the Maryland Ballroom. 


This year we return to the Maryland Ballroom. We continue to offer a separate entrance and exit and we continue to use the MAGLAN BarcodeSystem, all for your items' security. However, MAGFest is NOT RESPONSIBLE and accepts NO LIABILITY for ANY attendee equipment.. Please keep this in mind while attending MAGFest LAN and secure your personal belongings appropriately! 

We expect high demand for seats again, so arrive early to claim your spot! 


  • Please follow all LAN staff instructions. This ensures a smooth experience for everyone.

  • Please try and keep your setup contained—we don't want to have to ask people to remove items as the room WILL be at capacity.

  • Bring up to one monitor, 36 inches or smaller.

  • Use headphones, not speakers.

  • Leave networking equipment at home. We have plenty of ports.

  • Bring a power strip. You must only plug your power strip into the one we provide your table. DO NOT DAISY-CHAIN MULTIPLE POWERSTRIPS.

  • Enter and exit only through the checkpoint. Other doors are alarmed.

  • Sleep in your hotel room. Keyboard napping OK; sleeping bags NOT OK.

  • Vape outdoors-this is venue policy.

  • Please adhere to the MAGFest Code of Conduct as well as the posted notices in the LAN room as far as conduct and network use go.


There are 15 tournaments this year. Along with our events on the main MAGFest schedule, we have a selection of ad-hoc events running in the background. You can find all of the info on our tournaments on Reddit


Our LAN Theater redesign increases quality and provides additional space for organizing tournaments. The entrance is in the front of the LAN room, and is the ideal place to watch many of our great LAN events. We plan to livestream with color commentary. Come see the best gamers competing to be #1! We added an elevated stage this year. Remember to tell your friends to come cheer you on! 

Keep an eye out for our late night content in the LAN Theater. Stop by and check out what's planned! 


Join us online! You can find us at /r/, and Twitch

Why follow us? We’re hoping to hold online tournaments for fun and prizes, and our various online accounts are also great places to ask questions, meet your fellow gamers, and stay informed. 

We have a Steam Group and we're on MAGFest's Discord—be sure to read the first announcement. 


MAGFest LAN is always looking for new staffers and volunteers to help us run the PC Gaming areas. Got experience in commentating live games? Want to help set up the network prior to the event starting? Want to run a few tournaments? Let us know! Email us at, or join us on Discord, and tell us you’d like to help out! 

We are in need of casters for various tournaments at MAGFest 2019 - please e-mail us with a link to a VoD/YouTube video of you casting if you are interested. 

Feel free to send us an e-mail at with any questions, comments or concerns. 



We’ve got all manner of non-electronic gaming! Board games, ccgs, tabletop rpgs, and more!

Click for more detailed information.




Play virtually any console you can think of from the past 30+ years. Don't like a game that's currently running? Ask us to swap it out for a different one!

Official Tournaments

We'll have tons of tournaments running with the latest incarnations of all the favorites. 

Attendee-Run Tournaments

Got a great idea for a game tournament, but never see it done at other events? Want to do something wacky? Run it yourself at MAGFest! If you can provide the game and oversee the tournament, we'll provide the hardware and even prizes for you to give out! Tournament application sheet coming soon!