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The application form will officially open at 8pm ET! Click here to apply!

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Marketplace applications for Super MAGFest 2020 will begin at 8 p.m. ET on Friday, August 16th. Applications will be accepted for 24 hours or until we’ve received 515 submissions—whichever comes first. (It's usually submissions.) 

Your application must include either a shop or a gallery link for your application to be considered. Links to online shops will be accepted, but must remain up and showcase the products being sold at-event.

We will NOT be accepting proxy sellers this year. If you register, then you must be the artist or the owner of the company. If you are accepted, then you must be the one to show up to sell. The only exception will be that employees of the company may show up to run the table after information is provided showing they are employees.

All marketplace applications, whether or not they're approved, will receive hotel booking information when it becomes available. Super MAGFest 2020 will take place January 2-5 at the Gaylord National Hotel in National Harbor, MD.

Marketplace Info

The Marketplace at MAGFest is our special unique flavor of a vendor hall. Vendors and artists are intermingled among each other to create a unique shopping atmosphere. Selection of vendors and artists in our marketplace is done through an application system. Applications are evaluated based on quality of goods, and the final lineup strives to have diverse representation of vendors and artists from the many categories that apply.

Since the applications may take some time to evaluate, and our hotels frequently sell out, it is strongly recommended that you reserve hotel accommodations as soon as room blocks are available. Hotel booking information will be released to marketplace applicants and registered attendees before it is announced to the general public, so look for the hotel booking link in your inbox. Although MAGFest has limited rooms on reserve for vendors/artists in emergencies, we cannot guarantee availability of these emergency rooms.



  • A marketplace space includes a 6'x3' table, 2 chairs, and a few feet of clearance behind the table.

  • Although prices change from year to year, the first table is low-cost in order to be accessible to both large vendors and small artists alike. As more tables are requested, the cost per table increases.

  • Marketplace badges will also need to be purchased for each of your table's employees. These badges can also be used as standard event admission badge, and are sold at a lower cost than a standard badge.

  • Electricity is complimentary, but you are expected to bring your own extension cables and power cords

  • The Marketplace is open 24 hours a day through the entire event. Be prepared to either allocate staff for 24 hour coverage of your table, or break down/secure your table when your staff won't be present.

  • Limited locked storage space is available for vendors/artists who are unable to remain open 24 hours

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