MAGFest 2019 is over! Our site is archived... for now!

MAGFest 2019 is over! Our site is archived... for now!

Super MAGFest 2019 has concluded, and boy howdy was it fun! But the fun doesn’t stop there. We’ll have information on Super MAGFest 2020 soon enough. But in the meantime, we’re keeping this version of the site active as a 2019 archive, just in case you want to relive the past. Nothin’ like a good sip o’ nostalgia.

But hey, if you just can’t wait until 2020, be sure to check out our other upcoming events!

Kick-In Deadline Closes November 18th!

Kick-In Deadline Closes November 18th!

We've got some sick exclusive swag this year, and the only way to get it is to add a kick-in to your badge before the weekend. Here are the tiers (all higher tiers include the previous tiers):

  • $25 Tier: T-shirt, Limited Pin, Button

  • $75 Tier: Sweatpants, Swadge, Water Bottle, Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer, Post Card Set, Die Struck Keychain, and 5 more items!

  • $200 Tier: FOUR Resin Cast Figures of the Sun Cats with NFC tags

And you’ll get one for each of the  four characters . Rad.

And you’ll get one for each of the four characters. Rad.

You've still got a little time to upgrade and get all this dope stuff. Check out our merch page, and click "Upgrade Your Badge".

Oh, and check out this year's Swadge.

Some notable features include:

  • Single and multi-tone Color Chord

  • USB battery bank or AA battery powered

  • Single player and wireless multiplayer game

  • Wearable on a belt or a lanyard

  • Tons of light dance patterns, and unlockables

  • D6 Roller, Flashlight Mode, and a bunch more

Oh, so pretty.

Oh, so pretty.

Upgrade to Supporter Tier by Sunday, November 18th to get the Swadge and a bunch of other awesome swag!



While last Friday wrapped up our performer announcements for Super MAG 2019, we've one more music related memo to share with you cosmic cats.

Enjoy this stellar flyer featuring a day-by-day breakdown of ALL ARTISTS performing on main stage at the fest!

Radtastic flyer by    Adam Hoffman

Radtastic flyer by Adam Hoffman

Not in performance order, of course. Gotta save some secrets for the master schedule reveal! (^_−)−☆

Again, full artist bios for all of our performers can be found here here. See y’all in January! \m/



We’re getting pretty meta here, folks.

For our final Super MAG 2019 music announcement, headlining Saturday night in incredibly spectacular fashion, it’s…

Command & Conquer composer Frank Klepacki

Performing with The Tiberian Sons!

RIP all of our faces.

One final time, click the bio links & be amazed! Find all of them here.

Frank & Sons (text with MAG logo).jpg

These folks could make *anyone* look good!

These folks could make *anyone* look good!

Introducing this year’s visual cavalcade!

While we’ve enjoyed announcing our musical guests thus far, they aren’t the only performers you’ll see on main stage at the fest. Featuring the following seven talented visualists:

Circuit bender & mind warper, VISMANCIENNE!

Creator of both sonic & visual wonders, Dino!

Translating chipmusic into viewable magic, SBthree!

Purveyor of psychedelic video synths & nearly obsolete electronics, NO CARRIER!

MAGFest staple & mystical dragon, Nate Horsfall!

Fractal glitch wizard from outer space, Sheltron!

Your favorite city, Kira City!

7 clicks for 7 bios! Learn which musical acts they’re performing with via the links!

Announcement #12.jpg

Bleep bloops & glowsticks for all!

Bleep bloops & glowsticks for all!

Ain’t no party like a chiptune party.

Yes, clearly we’re talking about the last of the Super MAG music mainstays, the Saturday night Chiprave! Curious to see how many dancing T-Rexes we get this time. This event’s roster features the following fantastic folk:

Pounding party-tune presenter, Graz!

Dual-wielding Game Boy dancemaster, HarleyLikesMusic!

Havoc heraldess of NEStunes, Chibi-Tech!

creator of tunes tiny and big, bryface!

Dance pop noise rock maestro, don’tblinkoryou’lldie!

I’m soooo close to being done reminding you to click the all important bio links….

Announcement #11 (logo).jpg

Get ready to throw some shapes! ⚪🔺⬜

Get ready to throw some shapes! ⚪🔺⬜

Y'all wanna see some DJs fight?

With their musics, of course. I mean, it wouldn’t be a Super MAG without a Friday night Dj Battle after all, amirite? This event’s competitors include:

Creator of the cutest EDM you’ve ever heard, Blood Code!

Winner of MAGFest’s Most Fabulous Hair Award¹, GRIMECRAFT!

Australia’s premier Anime & Gaming Dj, D*Jadeabella!

Professional Anime Boi & Producer, Ralfington!

Charlie Puth’s cuter, VGM loving cousin², James Landino!

Click the bios and choose your fighter before pressing START on your dance moves.

¹not really
²also not really

Announcement 10 (logo).jpg

This announcement is out of this world. 🚀 ✨

This announcement is out of this world. 🚀 ✨

Wanna go Swingin' in Space?

Good, because that’s what’s happening during our Thursday late night showcase.

King Koopa’s rambunctious rascals, The Koopa Kids!

VGM Swing Sensation, ConSoul feat. Kris Maddigan of Cuphead Fame!

Click the names and be amazed. Find all performer bios here.

P.S. As always, “dressing up” for this shindig is wholly optional. Wear your fancy pants or not; you don’t even have to wear pants! We don’t care. Just wear clothes, ok?

announcement #9 (logo).jpg

Oh heck this is big.

Oh heck this is big.

This announcement is really big.

All of our music announcements for Super MAGFest are maximumally embiggened with hugeness, but this one is like, extra big. I’m talking spacetime warping Supermassive Black Hole sized big.

What I’m really trying to say here is that the hype from today’s music announcement will suck you in and never let you go. #RIP

Do these cats rly even need an intro at this point? ok w/e, Bit Brigade!

Returning from the ether of early MAGHistory & time immemorial, Chromelodeon!

Down the black hole you go!

Announcement #8 (logo).jpg

Lucky No. 7

Lucky No. 7

Congratulations on your fortunateness!

By that we mean you’re very lucky to be reading this awesome announcement of musical awesomeness right now in this very moment. It is good and should make you feel good. You are welcome.

Dangerously overpowered djent summoning spell, Knight of the Round!

The world’s 579th-greatest rapper, MC Frontalot!

If you click their names, it will do you a heckin’ good.

Announcement #7.jpg

♬♫♪ S I X ♪♫♬

♬♫♪ S I X ♪♫♬


Both of today’s announced acts are 100% certified in melting faces with their combined powers of chiptune math rock & metal guitar riffage. Pretty solid way to go if you ask us.

Game Boy Doof Warrior & Guitarwankery Extraordinare, Danimal Cannon!

France’s one & only explosive chiptune, power pop, mathcore band, Please Lose Battle!

Click the bio links to learn more about your face’s impending demise.

Announcement #6 (logo).jpg

Announcement of Fifths

Announcement of Fifths

[insert witty header here]

We may be running out of headers, but certainly not performers! You’re gonna love this trio of acts more than moth loves lamp!

Triple the force with 4x the tet, Triforce Quartet!

8-bit sci-fi hiphop trio, Supercommuter!

Think The Seven Sages but armed only with ocarinas, Ocabanda!

Click, click, click & learn! All artist bios here btw.

Announcement #5 (logo).jpg

Music 4.0!

Music 4.0!

Can you even feel this!?

If you can’t, you damn well will live. These two acts will make sure of it.

A D&D Campaign that came to life and formed a metal band, Dethlehem!

Vancouver’s VGM Medley Masters, The Runaway Four!

If thou clicketh, thou shall learneth.

announcement #4.jpg

Music x3!

Music x3!

Hey! It’s-a more music!

Both of these acts have violins, are from the west coast, & are rly, rly gud.

Violin infused chiptune drenched indie rock collective & accidental cat rescue, Curious Quail!

Rap-rock outfit of unrestrained energy & infinite dopeness, LEX the Lexicon Artist!

Do the clicky, get the learnings!

announcement #3 (logo).jpg

Music Announcements: ENGAGE!

Music Announcements: ENGAGE!

Hot dog!

It’s time to kick off the Super MAG 2019 music announcements! We’d ask if you’re ready, but we know you’re not, so let’s just (barrel) roll with it.

Teacher/Rapper/Hero, Mega Ran!

The poor nerd’s Justin Timberlake, Professor Shyguy!

The Warriors of Neo Olde Tokyo, Steel Samurai!

Wanna know more about ‘em all? Click their names!

announcement #1 (logo).jpg

Registration and Hotel Info Revealed!

Registration and Hotel Info Revealed!

MAGFest 2019 Registration Opens Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Badge Registration Info

  • Badge registration opens on August 28 at 12:00PM ET on the Super MAGFest website
  • Single attendee badges are a flat $75 (prices will not change during pre-registration)
  • You must purchase your badge by September 3rd at 11:59PM ET to be eligible for early-bird hotel booking (info below)
  • Additional information – including group rates – is available on our Badge Info page

Since the price is constant, and hotel info cutoff is about a week from registration opening, you can take it easy! Register when you want without worrying about getting in right at start. Seriously. We've made a ton of IT infrastructure improvements, but we're not about to jinx it.

Hotel Booking Info

Hotel room reservations will open 7PM ET on Sept 5, 2018 to anyone who pre-registered for the event prior to 11:59PM ET on Sept 3, 2018. Experient will email all eligible registrants with a link and login credentials to the hotel booking website. Receiving the link and login credentials does not guarantee room availability. 

At 5PM ET on Sept 5, a waiting room will open for users to standby. Your login credentials will be required to enter the waiting room. At 7PM, the users in the waiting room will be randomly ordered and placed into a queue to be given booking access. Any users that join after 7PM will be placed at the back of that queue.

Please visit our Hotel Info page for more detailed information!


We've completely overhauled our entire website, and there's so much good stuff for you to check out. For example:


Not only do we have guestsmusical acts, and a ton of great info about the event, but you can also take a look at the kick-in upgrades for this year (which are bananas-awesome), and maybe even peek behind the curtain of this year's theme, which has an insane amount of lore, and mysteries to unfold before the event...

Can't wait for MAGFest? Come to MAGLabs!

MAGLabs is September 7-9, 2018 at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center. We've got all your MAG favorites – concerts, arcades, consoles, tabletop, LAN, panels, Jamspace  – plus hands-on workshops and makerspaces!

Meet the Sun Cats

Meet the Sun Cats

The Legendary Rogue Heroes

We've all heard the tales – four top-tier space pilots who fly around the A-Flat system, planet to planet, fighting evil and rocking out. What we don't know is where they came from, or who they really are. From what our intelligence has gathered, this squad of four goes by the name of "Sun Cats", presumably named after their feline leader, Sunny McShreds. Also, because they seem like pretty cool cats.

In addition to Sunny, we've acquired the names of the three remaining members: Lopsy Dumpwell, Sheldon Snaps, and Gryffyn Funkhammer. 

But beyond the names of each member, not much is known of their origin. Not a single photo or video has surfaced, though through eyewitness accounts, our expert composite artist has put together four profile images. Below is a collection of all of the information we currently have on these rogue heroes.


Sunny McShreds

The level-headed leader.

Lopsy Dumpwell

Wise and aged to perfection.

Sheldon Snaps

Logical, astute, and pretty clumsy.

Gryffyn Funkhammer

Bold and brash, with an attitude of trash.

The Emwing

Only one photograph current exists of this mysterious M-shaped space ship, but what we do know is that it has spectacular maneuvering and offensive capabilities.



Well it's about damn time. Listen, I love early 2000s-based webblogs as much as the next guy, but it's time to update our page to showcase how sleek and modern we are now. We're gonna be using words like "blockchain" and "synergical", which isn't even a real word – yet.

So, please, stumble around the new site. We'll be filling in a lot of the missing pages over the next few weeks, so don't mind the gaps. But in the meantime, feel free to rummage around... maybe you'll even find something super secret...

Before we go, let's give one more big farewell to the site that serviced us for so long.

So long.