MAGFest Demoparty

Welcome to MAGFest’s first Demoparty event!


It’s a fun Programming competition!

click here for the rules!


What is a demo?

Born in Europe, demos are basically a music video that's made entirely out of code. It's made by an individual or a team to make the graphics and music for it. They're typically very small too, in kilobytes. They can use very old equipment like an Amiga or newer PC software. The party is held as a competition and get together for fellow demo makers, aka the demoscene. It’s a demoparty!



Special thanks to our partnership with the Polish Cultural Institute New York and supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington DC for this awesome opportunity!


Grzegorz “Fei” Juraszek

Organizer of demoscene social events (demoparties) for the last 23 years, main organizer of the biggest Polish demoparty Riverwash (2007-2018) and numerous other events that integrated and promoted demoscene in Poland and Europe, currently the main co-ordinator of MAGFest Demoparty.

Jakub “Argasek” Argasinski

Jakub “Argasek” Argasiński (born 1981). Front-end developer, who began his programming adventure by learning x86 assembly language; Amiga computers enthusiast, co-organizer of the biggest Polish multiplatform demoparty — Riverwash, electronic music composer (, unfulfilled amateur photographer. Since 1998 an active Demoscene member, striving for making this phenomenon more popular by means of lectures / presentation panels (Jagiellonian University, Ha!wangarda Festival (PL), PatchLab Festival (PL), MAGFest Festival (USA), etc.) and paper publications (guest appearance in “Gatunki cyfrowe. Instrukcja obsługi”, “Czasopismo Ha!art” nr 47).


Michał “borys” Lipiecki

Michał "Borys" Lipiecki (born 1981). Broadcast Engineer, introduced first HDTV service in Poland (2006), First Computer - Atari 65XE,10th Feb 1989, first game made 11th Feb 1989. Co-organizing Demoparties since 1999 (Astrosyn, Riverwash, WeCan, Speccy). Wannabe Amiga coder.

Szabó “maugli” Attila

By profession a Software Engineer ("Just a normal business Java guy"). Main organizer of Function (the biggest Eastern European demoparty) since 2014. Secretary of the Hungarian Demoscene Association since 2014. Big enthusiast of old school platforms, and size coding (especially 256b intros).

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inverse phase

Inverse Phase is an established chiptune musician who has been writing music with old computers and game consoles for over 30 years. In that time, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge - some of it useful, even - on the hardware used to write music and more. Pretty Eight Machine, his tribute to the Nine Inch Nails’ album Pretty Hate Machine on eight 8-bit systems, was recognized by the band itself, and he has taken to researching both the history and technical aspects of retro hardware in an effort to spread that knowledge worldwide.