hotel booking information

All Super MAGFest activities take place at the Gaylord National Hotel in National Harbor, MD, but we have official event discounted room rates at over 20 hotels in the surrounding area. The only way to book a room in one of our official blocks is through our hotel booking system provided by Experient. We are not able to provide support for rooms booked at other unaffiliated hotels, or even booked at one of our official hotels if done through their phone number or website.

Click here for details on hotel blocks and pricing.

How to book a room

early-bird Availability

Hotel room reservations for MAGFest 2019 will open 7PM Eastern on Sept 5, 2018 to anyone who pre-registered for the event (including pending marketplace applicants, staff, and group members whose badges are claimed and information entered into the system) prior to 11:59PM Eastern on Sept 3, 2018. Experient will email all eligible registrants with a link and login credentials to the hotel booking website. Note that if a group leader does not input the badge information, or does not give out the link, (or if the link isn't claimed and used to fill in the info in time,) then since the info would not be in the system we would not be able to give enough information to Experient, so those situations would not be considered 'eligible.' Receiving the link and login credentials does not guarantee room availability. 

On Sept 5, a waiting room will open for users to standby until opening. Your login credentials will be required to enter the waiting room, and multiple logins using the same credentials will log-out any previous logins. At 7PM, the users in the waiting room will be randomly ordered and placed into a queue to be given booking access. Any users that join after 7PM will be placed at the back of that queue.

Timeline broken down:

  • 11:59PM Eastern, Sept 3, 2018 – You must pre-register for MAGFest by this time to be eligible for Early-Bird hotel availability

  • 2:00PM Sept 5, 2018 – Virtual waiting room opens for users to standby for hotel registration

  • 7:00PM Eastern, Sept 5, 2018 – Hotel room registration opens, and the randomized queue is automatically created

General Availability

The hotel room reservation site will be open to everyone, regardless of registration status on Sept 7, 2018. The site link is:


Reservations in all of our partnered hotels will be charged a one-night refundable deposit. The Experient booking system collects reservations in bulk for multiple hotels before handing them off to the hotels for processing, so the deposit may not be charged until mid-November 2018.

MAGFest Badge Refunds

Early-bird hotel eligible MAGFest pre-registrations may be refunded if the registrant has not booked a hotel room. Refunds may be requested via the registration details link in your pre-registration confirmation e-mail. Requests will be made available after hotel room booking opens, and must be submitted by Sept 30, 2018. Group registrations are not eligible for refunds. Hotel reservations for a refunded badge are subject to cancellation.

Custom room blocks

Only at the Gaylord, MAGFest can arrange for rooms to be grouped together in room blocks. Attendees must have an existing Gaylord room reservation to create or join a block.

Please complete this form here to request your block and then you will be given instructions how to go back into your Gaylord reservation in the Experient system to choose your block from a drop-down list once your block is created.  Block creators will still be able to review and approve everyone who has requested to be in their block before the information gets turned over to the hotel.

Larger suites

The Gaylord's Executive suites are available for the public to book through the standard booking process, but Hospitality, Presidential, and high-end Concept suites are apportioned through the following request form.



Click here for a detailed retrospective last year's process, and what we've learned. Also check out the improvements that our hotel team have been working hard to implement.