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SUBMISSIONS open september 1st, 2019

Submissions for the MAGFest Indie Video Game showcase will open on September 1st, 2019 and will close on September 22nd, at 11:59pm EST. Both a video submission of your game and a demo are required. Showcase games will be announced on November 4th, 2019.

Submission are now open until September 22nd 11:59pm EST.

You can begin your submission HERE

Have questions on our criteria? Read the FAQ Below.

Is your indie game an arcade game? The MAGFest Indie Arcade is accepting submissions specifically for indie arcade cabinets and installations. You can read their Indie Arcade FAQ and Submit to them using this link.

Not ready to submit? You can show your game at MAGFest at one of our "QuickPlay" tables. See the Quickplay FAQ Below for more information.

For any questions not answered in the FAQ, or for general MIVS department contact, please send an e-mail to


Q: I’m interested in submitting my indie game. What do I need to submit?

A “submission” consists of a copy of your game, and a video. The video should show 30 seconds of uninterrupted gameplay and be no longer than 2 minutes.

If your game has multiple “modes” or “gameplay styles” you are welcome to “cut video” after 30 continuous seconds to show another aspect of your gameplay. If there is special information you want to convey about your game (e.g., a peripheral utilized), be sure to include information about it in the video or the judges will not be aware.

Q: What do I receive if I’m accepted into the showcase?

Besides being able to show your game to an audience of 20,000 attendees, you will receive a 10’x10’ space, 2 badges to MAGFest, 2 tables, 2 chairs, and power. You’ll also be able to purchase one room at the Gaylord for use by your team.

Q: If I’m accepted, what is required from me?

You will be required to have yourself or someone from your team in your booth during MAGFest, roughly from 10am to 6pm from Thursday to Sunday with Sunday being a half day. Specific hours will be given if accepted to the showcase.

Q: I’m a publisher. Can I submit a game I publish?

No, The game you're submitting to MIVS must be the creation of your studio, self, or team. Games may not be submitted by any team, studio, or developer that did not majorly assist in the creation of the game. This includes publishers or outsourced entities assisting in the management or marketing of the game shown. The relationship of the indie to the publisher as perceived by MIVS is at MIVS discretion.

Q: Will submissions and related materials be kept private until MAGFest, or will they be revealed publicly before this time?

Games that have made it into the showcase will not be announced until November 4th.

Q: Will games submitted to the showcase required to be completed by the time of the showcase?

No, partially completed games are accepted, but the more you have completed the more helpful it will be to the judges.

Q: How do you determine who is in the showcase?

Our team of judges will evaluate your entry. Those evaluations will be used to determine if the game is accepted to the showcase.

Q: If I’m accepted, can I update my game’s information, pictures, video, etc?

Yes, if updated 30 days before MAGFest.

Q: My Game is for a unique platform, can I submit a native file for the demo? (e.g., submitting an .apk for an Android title?)

If you can cross compile to another platform (Mac, Windows, web) or somehow package it with an emulator for one of those more common platforms, that is preferred as it will help the judges to be able to effectively review your game. If your only option is to submit a native file, we'll do our best to find a judge that has the appropriate hardware.

Q: I’m using Apple TestFlight or a similar beta service. How Do I Submit?

We cannot give out a Judge’s email address. If your service offers a link, include that. If an email is required, you can supply several email addresses and passwords from a domain that you control such as your website. These addresses should be temporary, of course.

Quickplay FAQ

Q: What is Quickplay?

Quickplay is for indies who are looking to show their game in MIVS but did not receive a dedicated space via the judged submissions. We offer 2 "Quickplay" tables. These areas are where an indie can setup their gear with a provided table, chairs, and power for a 2 hour slot.

Q: Can I take more than one slot if showing via Quickplay?

You can show multiple times, provided other indies are not waiting to show their game.

Q: How can I sign up for Quickplay?

Each days' Quickplay signups will be available that morning at MAGFest. It is located at the "MIVS OPS" table in the center of the MIVS space. Signups are first-come, first-serve, and giving preference to indies who haven't shown.

Q: Do I need a badge to MAGFest to sign up for Quickplay?

Yes, you will not be able to enter MAGFest without a MAGFest badge.

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