Squirrely Roo Rabbit is a color mixing puzzle-platformer game in which a gang of chameleons on a coloring spree swap the colors of all the animals in their wake, causing confusion and upset.

Squirrely Roo Rabbit, who is unaffected due to her not being a traditional animal, teams up with an outcast chameleon, Cammy, to track down Leon, the Chameleon king, and return the forest to normal. The animals she meets along the way will help Squirrely Roo if she feeds them fruit matching the color they’ve become. Because fruit only naturally grows in red, blue, and yellow—and animals come in green, purple, and orange as well—Cammy must use her chameleon color-mix ability to solve puzzles and fight. These first two levels of chapter one follow Squirrely Roo and Cammy’s encounters in the forest with characters such as the Chameleon Grunts, the Big Oink, and Granny as they make their way to Leon.