Who & what do we consider when booking musical performers for MAGFest?

Acts must be “video game” related in some way.

-MAGFest is first and foremost a Video Game Music Festival, so our focus is on video game music acts & original composers of video game music.

-Other video game inspired or related music is also very welcome to be featured. Examples of such include chipmusic, VG inspired hip-hop, geek rock/folk, nerdcore, etc.

-Booking an occasional peripheral or largely unrelated “wildcard” is ok (& SO MUCH FUN), but we do try to keep the vast majority of performers ”on brand”.

We build the concert that we want to attend!

-We don't book acts only because they’re a big draw; draw is never the factor, only a factor. We book kickass acts that get US excited and that WE personally want to spotlight and support.

We make our shows a one-of-a-kind experience.

-We give folk the chance to see both foreign and domestic acts that they might never be able to see unless we host them. And hot damn, that’s cool!

We're not afraid to get weird.

-We aim to make MAGFest the destination for seeing showcases, events, etc. that are improbable and unexpected. We get weird, & encourage our acts to do the same!

Super MAG Music operates with the policy of “No Year to Year Booking”.

-There are simply too many talented artists available in the current pool to limit ourselves to booking the same acts from year to year. While we love each and every one of our performers, we know that it is for the good of MAGFest and our musical collective of collectives to both provide variety and to give up and coming acts a chance to shine. This policy helps us achieve that.