Badge info


Single attendee badge: $85

The four-day single attendee badge is $85 when you preregister online before 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, Dec 31st. At the door prices start at $95, and are prorated at $90 on Friday, $70 on Saturday, and $25 on Sunday.
Children 6 through 12 get 50% off the current badge price (rounded down to the nearest dollar).


A reduced rate of $75 per badge is available for groups of 8 people or more. (Badges for children 12 and under must be purchased separate from your group.)
The price will increase to $85 at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, Dec 31st.


For more detailed information and how to reserve your hotel room, please visit our FAQ and HOTEL info page.

kick-in upgrades

Feeling generous and want some awesome exclusive swag? Add a kick-in upgrade when you purchase your badge to get some of the coolest MAG merch, available nowhere else – not even sold at the event! Each additional tier includes all of the items in the previous tiers. Grab your kick-ins on the registration page.

T-Shirt Tier

For a mere $25, you'll get an exclusive never-to-be-sold-anywhere-else event T-shirt, featuring our funky 2020 logo.

You also get an enamel pin of our Super MAGFest 2020 logo! Or maybe a different design. We haven’t decided yet. But it’ll be rad!

Supporter Tier

For $85, you'll get a limited edition: MAGFest Fanny Pack, Custom Lanyard, Squeezy-nanner, Jungle Sunglasses, Funky Bandana, Gold “MF” Coin, Collapsible Canteen, and EVEN MORE!

Plus, you get one of the coveted "MAGFest Swadges" – check out last year's here!

Funky Tier

This one's only for the truest of MAG fans.
For $200, you will receive some of the absolute coolest swag we’ve ever created, but… we don’t want to spoil the surprise quite yet.

But, maybe you can figure some of it out from the image? Super limited quantities, though!


???????? Tier

This tier is so secret that to even hear about it, you already have to be in the Funky Tier.

Only a small number MAGFest fans have grabbed this tier, and the payoff is always as insane as the people who buy it. To score an invite to this madness, pre-order the Funky Tier!

Our kick-in tiers come in very limited quantities (especially the Supporter and Funky tier), so pre-order when you buy your badge to secure your gear! Designs and items are subject to change, but – as always – our priority is creating the highest quality, exclusive merch for you.

MAGFest's merch is expertly crafted and handled by our friends at Fangamer. <3