Have you volunteered for MAGFest before? Do you have an understanding of how we run but want to do more? Check out what departments need to see if your skills or interests match!

When responding to a listing please include:

  • what you love about MAGFest

  • an overview of your interests for this particular position

  • where you've worked in MAGFest before (department and year)

  • a department head or manager who might recommend you (if applicable)

As a reminder these are volunteer unpaid positions. It is possible to earn rooming with 30 hours worked, along with a badge and access to the Staff Suite. For the full list of volunteer perks for MAGFest 2019, please review our Staff Perks.

The positions here are not representative of all needs at MAGFest. Please reach out to Staffing Operations at stops@magfest.org with questions about how to get involved with other departments or areas.

Finally, all applicants will be considered but acceptance is not guaranteed. Thank you for your interest!

AFK Room

The Take This AFK room is a staffed, relaxed space for anyone who feels overwhelmed and needs a place to regain their calm.  .

+Clinical Volunteer

Provide mental health support, education, and resources to MAGFest attendees.

Background: A mental health professional, preferably independently licensed but we will consider anyone with a background in counseling, social work, psychology, psychiatry, etc. We will provide an online training prior to the convention to teach you everything else you need to know!

Duties: Provide support in the AFK Room, a quiet room in the convention center where attendees can come to regain their calm. Check in with people and provide mental health first aid if needed. Discuss mental health topics and offer education, resources, and assistance.

Contact: afkprogram@takethis.org

Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScpDTgX8eHwvkabJBwc6furU76cI1Z0YtPIAIofKIWdZ9xODg/viewform

+Volunteer Psychomancer

Provide support and mental health education to MAGFest attendees.

Background: We provide an online training prior to the con to teach you everything you need to know! Please just come in with a kind, empathetic personality.

Duties: You will interact with attendees who come into the AFK Room -- a quiet haven in the convention center where people can come to regain their calm. Your role will be to check in with them and provide education and resources about mental health issues.

Contact: afkprogram@takethis.org

Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScpDTgX8eHwvkabJBwc6furU76cI1Z0YtPIAIofKIWdZ9xODg/viewform


Arcades from around the world are set up in our expo hall alongside lasers, fog, and music.

+AV/Network/Sound/Lighting Assistants

The arcade is a special place, and we go out of our way to build an awe-inspiring environment as a backdrop to the beautiful machines donated by collectors. As the arcade grows, we need more help dealing with video displays and projection setups used for signage and entertainment. Much of this is in support of the tournaments. In addition to the information displays, we also run a lighting network and some audio systems for the arcade. And we could use some help!

Background: This is a technical position. Our equipment is mostly owned by volunteers. Equipment includes:

  • FreeStylerDMX software for lighting control
  • High End Systems Technobeams
  • Martin Roboscans
  • High End Systems Powerscans and Color Kinetics wash lights

Sound currently is pretty flat but we would like to be able to do audio over ethernet (COBRANet) with time delay for speakers placed down the expo hall.

On the AV tip we use:

  • flat panel TVs
  • Sanyo Projectors (some equipped with PJNet computer management boxes)
  • Extron video switches
  • Chinese scaler boards for takeoff of VGA from games and other equipment

More networking and systems management of info displays is needed. We use some VGA over Cat5 hardware for long runs. Also during setup/teardown some rigging. We will have a mailing list just for this side of arcade so if anyone is interested in joining in on the fun and fun work, step forth!

Contact: arcade@magfest.org

Belvedere Lobby Bar

Coordinating musical performances at the atrium’s lobby bar.


Back for a second year, the Belvedere Lobby Bar stage needs support in setting up/tearing down the stage.

Background: Stagehands should have basic experience in working backstage for music shows. If you can move amps/instruments around and set up a basic PA system with a minimum of muss & fuss, you've probably got the experience we need!


  • Help performers load in/out
  • Keep performances on time
  • Introduce acts if asked
  • Do brief line/sound checks as needed

Contact: belvedere@magfest.org

+Audio Board Operator

Back for a second year, the Belvedere Lobby Bar stage needs support in running sound for performers' sets!

Background: Audio board ops should be confident in their experience with running live sound. The space is not enclosed (opens to the atrium of the Gaylord) so this is a challenging and unique space to mix.


  • Set up sound system at the beginning of each night
  • Introduce acts if asked
  • Do brief line/sound checks as needed
  • Run audio during sets
  • Tear down sound system at the end of each night.

Contact: belvedere@magfest.org

Extra Departmental Needs

+A/V and Lighting Technicians

We have several departments who have need of A/V and Lighting Technicians! Due to the variety of roles, we’re accepting applications for all skill levels. If all you know is what a “mixer” is and how to adjust fader, or if you’ve been pro A/V+L for decades, we’ll help you find the right place! If you’re interested in helping with a specific department after reading one of their descriptions, reach out to them. Otherwise, shoot an email to the address below and we’ll help you find the best place for you!

Background: People of all skill levels with live Audio, Video, or Lighting technologies.



Do you not know what you want to do with MAGFest? Do you want to help out anyways? Consider signing up as a Reinforcement! Formerly known as Staff Support, reinforcements are on-call volunteers who help out wherever they can, as special needs or gaps in other departments’ schedules crop up.

Background: You have to be flexible in what you are willing to do, on-time and reliable. Most importantly, a sense of humor and desire to have fun!


+Crowd Management

Do you like cats? Do you like herding? Do you like thinking of people as if they are cats, and then herding them? Then you might be interested in our crowd management department! Crowd Management works directly under our security team to ensure that exits and walkways are clear, and that entry to event space is restricted to badged attendees.

Background: Must be able to stand for several hours, communicate clearly with crowds, rationalize spaces and people inside. Some shifts can be completed seated.


Gameroom (Consoles)

The game room contains eight generations of consoles and hundreds of games.

+Gameroom Volunteers

You can volunteer to help set up, maintain, and pack up eight generations of console video games. Lots of hours available before, during, and after MAGFest and MAGFest Classic.

Background: Passion for console games, basic knowledge of cables, components, add-ons, and how to beat ET on Atari is preferable, but not required. Volunteers for this position may be required to lift as much as 25lbs of equipment at a time, assist attendees with locating games from a cataloged system, and maintain the organization of the equipment and events within the Gameroom.

Contact: gameroom@magfest.org

Laser tag

Epic laser tag events. Pew pew!

+Laser Tag Manager

You can help make Laser Tag a radical experience for everyone! We're a growing department looking for responsible managers to help make the game run even longer.


  • Must be able to learn the software system well enough to run matches in a fun and efficient manner. System training will be done on site.
  • Independent and trustworthy: may at time be the only manager on duty in case department heads need a break.
  • Must be able to enthusiastically communicate to keep the flow of gaming going in an efficient and fun manner.
  • Maintain a safe atmosphere for everyone.


  • Communicate rules to players.
  • Delegate tasks to volunteers.
  • Log volunteer hours as necessary.
  • May be asked to lift heavy equipment up to 25 lbs if assisting with setup or tear down.

Contact: stops@magfest.org


Panels, events, games, and activities that awaken our inner child, get us up, and moving around!

+Arena Manager

Arena Managers help Moves presenters get set up for their sessions, and keep the show going smoothly.

Background: Experience with soundboards & projectors is helpful but not required.


  • Set up and manage mics and sound inputs before/during performances
  • Assist in distribution and cleanup of equipment for participation-based activities

Contact: guests@magfest.org

MAGFest Indie Game Showcase (MIVS)

MIVS is a curated selection of indie games that attendees can play at the MAGFest expo hall.

+MIVS "Game Master"

Various tasks to keep the MIVS area running smoothly, including…

  • Helping find judges (pre-MAGFest)
  • Potentially judging (pre-MAGFest)
  • Watch the indie area, assist indies where possible
  • Prevent gear / merch from being taken from the area
  • Helping connect different indies

Background: Looking for someone who has a passion for indie video games. Doesn’t have to be a game developer, but must care about helping to create a community within the larger MAGFest community.



Mediatron are the eyes and ears of MAGFest: they record, stream, photograph, and archive each panel and concert.

+Panels Camera Tech

Mediatron is the media recording/streaming/archival arm of MAGFest. One of our duties is recording every single panel that happens at the event, and uploading them to YouTube afterward for all to see. We need volunteers to manage our recording cameras in all the panel rooms. Camera Techs are responsible for ensuring the panels recordings start before the panel and end after, focusing the camera on relevant stage visuals, and swapping out memory cards as space fills up.

Background: No technical know-how needed, just a willingness to learn the basics, and to ask for help if needed. Caring that the end product is at a high standard is a bonus.

Contact: mediatron-heads@magfest.org


Mega Manathon is an annual, non-stop gauntlet of Mega Man, Mega Man-inspired games and music to raise money for Child’s Play charity.

+Stream Engineer

The Stream Engineer - Games is an integral part of the Mega Man-athon event. This person transitions the show through breaks between game and interview content, monitors the overall health of the broadcast, and performs some light audio mixing to adjust microphone levels and to play transition music.


  • Switches between scenes
  • Monitors stream off-air from Twitch
  • Mixes Audio (via NodeCG? Hopefully!)

Background: Experience with streaming software such as OBS, Xsplit, or GameShow preferred. Experience with audio production and/or live audio mixing a huge plus

Contact: megamanathon@magfest.org

+Stream Engineer- Technical Director

The Stream Engineer - Technical Director is the backbone for the video production effort of Mega Man-athon. This person leads the video operations of the event during its nightly 5 hour music blocks by switching between the various camera angles, directing camera operators to get different / interesting shots, and monitoring the overall health of the broadcast.


  • Live Switches between camera feeds
  • Directs live camera operators
  • Monitors stream off-air from Twitch

Background: Experience with streaming software such as OBS, Xsplit, or GameShow required.

Experience with video switching equipment or software, such as BlackMagic ATEM, vMix, Tricaster, Wirecast preferred. Experience in a live video production environment (such as local news, concerts, sports) highly preferred but not required.

Contact: megamanathon@magfest.org

+Camera Operator

The Camera Operator helps bring the video production of Mega Man-athon alive by getting creative, interesting shots to engage our listeners watching on Twitch. If you've ever wanted to learn the ins and outs of video production, this is your time!


  • Operates cameras during live music sessions
  • Receives instructions from Technical Director for shot placement and arrangement

Background: Previous camera operation experience a plus, especially in live production workflows such as sports, concert, or TV news.

Contact: megamanathon@magfest.org

+Audio Engineer - FOH

The key to a great show is killer sound, and the Audio Engineer - FOH is the person needed to mix the show into harmony. The Mega Man-athon's programming includes 5 hours of live music every night featuring acts ranging from DJ sets and one-person acts to string quartets and multi-piece ensembles. If you've run audio for a live show and love listening some of MAGFest's favorite and up and coming acts, come run a board with us!


  • Mixes live audio, including monitor mixing
  • Sound checks each act
  • Assists Stage Technicians with microphone cabling and placement

Background: Must have mixed live audio for bands or other music production experience. Must have experience with digital mixing boards.

Contact: megamanathon@magfest.org

+Audio Engineer - Stream

The Mega Man-athon's 5 hours of music programming is heard both in person at Super MAGFest and online, and ensuring we're broadcasting high-quality audio over stream is just as important as making sure we're rocking the house in person! Whether you're new to running live audio or a longtime veteran, we're interested in working with you!


  • Mixes live audio, including monitor mixing.
  • Sound checks each act

Background: Must have live audio mixing experience with bands, or other music production experience. Must have experience with digital mixing boards.

Contact: megamanathon@magfest.org

+Stage Technician

Stage techs are the backbone of a killer rock show, as they set the stage for and inbetween acts, and reset the stage afterwards. If you've always wanted to work with a band, and want to learn about stage production, this is a great way to help!


  • Loads gear on and off of the stage before, during, and after musical acts
  • Assists in microphone placement and connection with the FOH engineer

Background: Must be able to lift 50 lbs unassisted. Previous stage technician experience a plus, but not required.

Contact: megamanathon@magfest.org

+Game Technician

The Mega Man-athon's gaming programming requires skilled techs to ensure the game consoles are working appropriately, and that our game runners are able to test, practice, and perform effectively. If you've got a love for classic game consoles, this is a great way to plug in and raise money for kids!


  • Assists with transitions between game sessions by disconnecting/reconnecting consoles from/to the upscaler unit for capture
  • Disconnects/reconnects consoles to the practice station in BOH

Background: Experience with a wide variety of gaming platforms not limited to but including NES/Famicom, SNES/Super Famicom, PS2, Wii, WiiU, 3DS + Capture Unit. Experience with upscalers and related technologies such as Framemeister, OSSC, SCART, RGB a huge plus.

Contact: megamanathon@magfest.org

+Event Host

A great event raising money for Child's Play needs great hosts to excite the crowd, encourage folks to donate, and to announce upcoming content at the Mega Man-athon. Have the charisma to cheer on an event and encourage some donations? Come apply with us!


  • On-Air (voice) and potentially On-Camera (video) talent
  • Reads donations and teases upcoming content, donation incentives

Background: Broadcasting experience (including streaming) for 6+months preferred.

Contact: megamanathon@magfest.org

PC Gaming Events (LAN)

Our LAN room runs dozens of tournaments and seats over five hundred.

+Tournament Admin

Tournament Admins help run all of the tournaments in the LAN Room. We run almost 2 dozen tournaments each year and are hoping to expand to even more tournaments, both at event and online.


  • Help direct attendees in the signup process
  • Make and maintain tournament brackets
  • Ensure the tournaments run smoothly and in a timely manner
  • Coordinate with the LAN Theater if their tournament is being livestreamed

Background: No special knowledge is required, just a love of competitive PC Gaming. The software we use is fairly simple. The ability to work under pressure and work with the public are definitely necessary.


+Tournament Caster

Tournament Casters are the backbone of the LAN Theater, a room connected to the LAN Room where some of our larger tournaments are livestreamed to Twitch.TV with live commentary. The room also provides space for a live audience to watch, as well. Tournament


  • Provide live commentary
  • Ensure the livestream is up and running smoothly
  • Interact with the online chat audience
  • Interact with the live audience

Background: While not required, a deep knowledge about one or more of the games we livestream is a huge plus. Also, some experience streaming on Twitch or some other streaming platform is a big help. This is very much a ‘performance’ position (we do it live) and the more prepared you are, the better.

We are especially in need of people with a deep knowledge of:

  • CS:GO
  • Hearthstone
  • Warcraft 3
  • Starcraft 2
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • DotA 2


+Video Editor

We are looking for a couple knowledgeable video editors to help us turn the recordings of our livestreams during the festival into digestible chunks (both highlight reels and individual matches) for posting onto Youtube or other video sites. We may have other editing needs throughout the year.

Background: Experience with video editing software is obviously a huge plus. We will be producing at least 30-40 hours of content, and would like to have it available to the public ASAP after the event.


Rock IslanD

Rock Island run the merchandise booths for our performers.

+Rock Island 'Lover of Rock' Assistant

Help us sell enough band merchandise to raise Kth-Rock, Lord of Awesome Music. No experience required. Mans booth in the Marketplace to sell this year's performer's merch to the MAGMasses.

Background: Like Video Game Music (VGM), outgoing persona a bonus, retail/sales experience is mildly useful, be willing to join the MAG-VGM cult of metal horns. \m/

Contact: rockisland@magfest.org

Tech Operations

Tech Operations sets up, runs, and tears down MAGFest’s extensive equipment and network.

+A/V Tech

Join the Tech Ops team to help roll out and operate the (literal) tons of equipment used to make MAGFest awesome. Lots of hours available immediately before and after MAGFest to set up and tear down equipment, in addition to troubleshooting and operating equipment during the event. We handle all of the equipment for panel rooms and some special projects around the rest of fest.

Background: Existing A/V experience is a help, but we do have training available. Volunteers for this position should be fast learners who are able to improvise while occasionally working fairly autonomously. During set up and tear down, the ability to lift objects weighing 50lbs or greater is beneficial. Previous experience running a mixer/sound board would be helpful. Must be willing/able to learn and use the over-under method of cable coiling, if not already familiar with this method.

Contact: techops-heads@magfest.org

+Network Tech

Tech Ops runs the network at MAGFest, which means getting here early, configuring switches and routers, mounting wireless AP's, setting up VOIP phones, and yes, running/crimping/taping down miles of cat5 and fiber… And then we take it all back down again once everything is over. If that sounds like your particular brand of crazy, let us know!

Background: Existing experience running enterprise or other advanced networks, specifically experience with OSPF, Cisco IOS, and VyOS. (Or training in those areas without actual experience.) Must be willing to do boring stuff (tape cables to the floor) alongside more interesting stuff (modifying ACLs). The ability to lift objects weighing 50lbs or greater is beneficial.

Contact: techops-heads@magfest.org