Chipspace at Super MAG 2017. Oh, how our baby has grown!  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Chipspace at Super MAG 2017. Oh, how our baby has grown! (ಥ﹏ಥ)

“Wut teh wat is da Chipspace?”

Chipspace is MAGFest's chiptune open mic stage, which is available to any and all MAGFest attendees interested in & capable of performing chipmusic at MAG. (tl;dr – It’s a Jamspace for chiptunes yo!).

“Wher teh wher is da Chipspace?”

We're located at the end of the hallway outside of the main concert hall. Listen for the bleep bloops and keep on walking!

“Oh. Kewl. Can I play chiptunes at it?”

...omg. You again? I mean, yes. I just said that, but yes.

“Yay! What if I’m a visualist? Can I perform at it?”

Now that you mention it, that is an option that we now offer (a visualist station for up & coming visualists to perform via). Thanks for bringing that up!

“Yay! I did a thing! I’ve heard there are curated shows at Chipspace too. What’s up with those?”

You heard correctly! We will be hosting a goodly number of curated showcases at Chipspace. More info on those fantastic musical throwdowns found here.

"Oh. Kewl. Can I volunteer to help make it awesome?”

Absolutely! And here’s how:

Become an official MAGFest volunteer! When pre-registering for MAG, check the “Sign me up!” box beside “Want to Volunteer?” & then put a checkmark in the “Chipspace” bubble.

You’ll receive various MAGPerks for different amounts of hours worked, & you’ll officially be volunteering for MAGFest ZOMGWTFFTWROLFCOPTER!!

“Oh. Kewl. Are there guidelines & hours for Chipspace?”

Yup! Right here. Pretty straightforward stuff all things considered.

“Oh. Kewl. If I have other questions, who do I ask?"

E-mail and someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

“Oh. Kewl. Can I play chiptunes at it?”

...oh my stars. Just go do a barrel roll off into space or something already.

“Yay! Video game references! See you there!”