Skatune Network


Anything you can do, they can do ska! Skatune Network is comprised of Jeremy Hunter playing literally anything and everything they can get their hands on, and forming it all into full ska covers on YouTube.

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URIZEN is an electronic-influenced 8-bit-style heavy rock band based in Dallas, Texas. The band is well known for their entertaining and highly involved stage shows. Fixtures of their stage shows include the appearance of a giant, 8-foot-tall URIZEN Robot; a 12-foot inflatable cycloptic goo monster; a mad scientist nemesis; electrifying mind-control helmets; and much more!

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Descendants of Erdrick


Descendants of Erdrick brings a progressive-metal atmosphere to video game music arrangements courtesy of guitarist/vocalist Amanda Lepre (Singer/Songwriter, Andrew W.K.), bassist Thad Stevens (Immortal Guardian), and drummer Jim Watson (Builder of pianos). Their performance at MAGFest 2020 will feature keyboardist Emily Thompson (The World is Square).

In the true spirit of the RPG, each medley is aimed at telling a story, often using sound effects and vocals alongside instrumentals to establish a mood.

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Super Soul Bros


Hailing from Silicon Valley, the Super Soul Bros deliver an explosive performance of live & funky video game music. Formed in 2012 by keyboardist Robbie Benson, the Super Soul Bros have gained renown for their dynamic musicianship, improvisation, and high-energy shows—something like cramming a James Brown record into a Super Nintendo.

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We're so excited to welcome Baltimore's own Flabbercasters to the main stage for the very first time!!! You may know them from their incredible past performances at BitGen, Mega-manathon, the Guinness World Record-breaking Wizard Party, and this past summer at MAGStock; now they're ready to bring all their talent, preparation, and musical magic to the stage in January!

Baltimore's favorite Wizard-Pop band. Party wizards with songs you can LARP to. Lvl 40 jams.

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