hey, Musicians!

Are you a VGM (video game music) band, chiptune performer, video game dj, nerdcore artist, visualist or other act that you believe is relevant to the MAGFest concerts realm?

Would you like a shot at performing at what some lovely folk say is the largest video game music festival in the known universe (i.e. Super MAGFest), as well as other fantastic MAGmusic events (MAGWest, MAGStock, MAGLabs, etc)?

Awesome! Just, hold up a sec!

MAGFest is considered by many to be the worldwide nexus of the VGM community, and many other musical communities. Musicians of all skill levels from all over the planet come together at MAGFest to celebrate and grow those communities. Many groups aspire to perform in front of thousands of people, but main stage performers are momentary ambassadors for the musical community that MAGFest is built on. We exist because of diverse communities of dedicated musicians and fans who have collaborated and helped one another grow over the past 20 years. Hallway jams, side stage performances, musical workshops, production tutorials, album listening parties, cross-promotion,  collaborative meetups, and so on are all the lifeblood of our event. Our community is strongest when everyone does their part to contribute to all the parts that make it great. If you're looking to perform, then you have amazing things to offer, regardless of whether or not you’re playing on the main stage.

you got that, hotshot?

Awesome! Then fill out our Featured Performer Application Form to throw your name in the hat! Whether you're selected or not, we hope we see you at MAGFest, because we're certain you'll have an amazing time. For more info about how we book our mainstage performers, check out our Music Artistic Values.

Perform at the Belvedere stage!

Maybe main stage isn’t your thing and you want something a bit more chill. Consider applying to play at the Belvedere Stage, located smack-dab in the center of the Gaylord hotel. Apply using this form!